Conditions and privacy

1. Privacy statement and EWOB data uses

The EWOB app does not collect any data that allow you to be identified. Upon submitting a report, only geographical coordinates, the time and date, the reported severe weather phenomenon and an optional text and a photo (jointly: content) are sent to ESSL and stored in the EWOB database. EWOB intends to provide weather information to the general public, scientists, meteorologists and any other interested party. Within the app and on the EWOB web site ( you can see the reports submitted by you and others. Some users may be given other types of access. EWOB content may be used by ESSL for any purpose, such as inclusion in ESSL’s European Severe Weather Database. ESSL may provide EWOB content to third parties and may set the conditions of and limitations to its use by third parties. ESSL may sell EWOB content in support of its severe weather research and data collection work.

2. Uploading content

By using EWOB, you agree to only upload content that serves to illustrate your weather report. You may not upload:

3. Liability and jurisdiction

Any use of EWOB data is at your own risk. Since EWOB data is provided by its users, ESSL cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of EWOB data. Every effort is made to keep EWOB up and running smoothly, but ESSL cannot be held liable for EWOB being unavailable. For all matters regarding EWOB, Austrian law applies.

4. Contact

If you have any questions or issues regarding EWOB, you may contact our team at